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Development And Services

With the improvement of people's living standard, the rejuvenation of consumer groups and the strong pursuit of product fashion, the existing large-scale payment methods can not meet the higher level of consumer demand, personalized custom in this form came into being. Date to pay the professional custom app, promotional products, planning promotions, the date of payment will be designed according to consumer demand for unique payment function, open the VIP private subscription services.

Overseas Local Payment

Scoinpay will seamlessly link all local payment methods you need. If you have one merchant number, you can lock a variety of ways of payment.We will do our best to give aids foreign trade online business,to create a new era of online payment!

Cross-border Online Currency Business

Due to the effect of foreign exchange controls, most of the merchants' funds rely on underground banks for the settlement. From the perspective of capital security and considering the legitimacy and the processing efficiency of funds,merchants are taking the risk of self-evident.Our company provides convenience for foreign trade business, through a legal qualification of the company, to help merchants to exchange foreign currency business.
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